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In 2015, two students Jared Galley & Jared Floyd founded a new video production company in the Ottawa area.

They needed a name as effective as their work & relationships with their clients, which led them to “Ajax Visuals.” Ajax was a hero of the Trojan Wars who was said to be bigger and stronger than any other soldier. He fought side by side with the Greek hero Achilles (Movie 'Troy') according to Greek Mythology.

In 2018, the company rebranded to 'Ajax Creative' to represent our expanding services we're offering including social media management & digital advertising.

Our Story .

Based in Ottawa .

Today, we have worked with over 150+ clients in more than 16 countries. From commercials & music videos to digital marketing, we have established ourselves as one of Canada's most forward-thinking creative agencies. We look forward to showing you why.

Behind the scenes .

Directing films & entrepreneurship has been a huge passion & lifestyle for Galley since he was a kid. He established Ajax Visuals in 2015, traveled around the world filming international artists such as Tiesto, & directed videos reaching viewers in the millions.

Jared Galley

Loves marketing & technology, with a huge passion for learning & growing businesses. Floyd graduated in Marketing from Algonquin College and previously founded a mobile app company that worked with brands such as Wendy’s & Sun Life Financial.

Jared Floyd

Creative & Video Director

Marketing & Operations

From the moment Joel used his first crayon, he knew that he had a passion for creating visual art. It has led him to creating visual masterpieces in motion/graphic design, cinematography and photography.

Joel B-Leblanc

Social is in Liza's DNA. Liza graduated from Western with a degree in Business Management and Organizational Studies with honours in Consumer Behaviour, and brings her social skills and expertise from Toronto to Orleans. (And some gender diversity).

Liza Amyotte

Art & Design Director

Social Media Specialist

Matt Day

Director & Editor

Film has always been a very key aspect of Matt's life. Since joining Ajax Creative he's been able to explore his passion for cinematography by creating visual masterpieces in the form of commercials & films. Matt has been working in the film industry for over 5 years.