Keeping the ball rolling

Ajax Creative teamed up with the Walker Real Estate Group to launch a new brand in April of 2018. To add to the challenge, we were tasked with building the Walker Group’s online presence from a single website to multiple sites, creating an active community where individuals can find information, meet the Walker team, converse with a like-minded audience, and more.

The biggest question we had; can we actually provide proven sales on Facebook in the real estate business in only one month? The answer was, YES!

Return on Investment



Conversion from Lead to Qualified Lead

Conversion from Qualified  Lead to Closed Sale  

" Ajax is focused on providing professional, consistent quality for our business. They are easy to work with, self driven and they make sure our content is relevant, engaging and interactive with our audience" - Geoff Walker

After the results were proven, it was time to take a step back. What worked? What didn’t? How can we improve the next campaign? We took those analytics and insights and used them continuously to  optimize the campaign throughout its duration to ensure ROI.


By the end of the first year, Walker Group has received:  

+ 1,000,000 impressions  

+ 77,000 engagements (likes, reactions, actions)

+ 10,000 people driven to the website

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