Culture of Innovation


Project Synopsis

The Department of National Defence has been working on taking their organization in a whole new direction by adopting a culture of innovation, and they were excited to share why. 

But adopting a culture of innovation is not an easy task. 

See how the Department of National Defence is changing their culture to better embrace innovation in this corporate video. 


Client  - Department of National Defense
Release Date
- 25/06/2020
Location - Ottawa, Canada
Type of Video - Animation Video

Purpose - Improve Internal Communications
Distribution Channels - Live Presentations, Email, Website

Services Used

Research & Creative Development

- Video Concept Development

- Storyboarding

- Script Writing



- Project management

- Scheduling

- Client Communication


- Editing

- Colour Grading

- Compositing

- Rendering / Exporting



- Storyboarding

- 2D Animation

- Motion Design / Motion Graphics

Music & Sound Design

- Musical Score

- Sound FX

- Voice Over

- Sound Recording

- Mixing & Mastering

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