Concept and Creative Development



We approach each project to suit your unique situation. We don't believe in the idea of "one size fits all", we get to know and understand you first.




Video Campaign Development

We’re here to tell your story. The marketing strategy we come up with together will help you meet your goals and create video content that addresses real business objectives.


Video Concept Development

We’ll work out an initial production plan to ensure we’re perfectly aligned with your project mission. That means an extensive kick-off call with your team and our team to make sure we’ve covered every base and have a crystal clear agreement about the vision of your project.

Creative research

Once the goals are set, now it’s time to gather key data that will help make the video more credible and compelling. We’ll take all of the information you’ve provided during our kick-off call and join them with secondary research to uncover key insights about the marketplace, demographics and general trends that will make the message irresistible. 


Competitive Analysis

What are you competitors doing? What are they not doing? Is what they are doing effective? We’ll investigate your main competitors to discover their weak points and how they can potentially threaten our collaborative efforts. We look to empower you with the best possible chance of standing out in the marketplace, even if that means cracking the books open and doing our research into your main competitors around the clock. 


Creative Approach

Every shot video starts with a solid creative approach that helps achieve your marketing objectives by creating an engaging and inspiring video. We know how to create emotion that drives the viewer to keep watching. We get to understand the essence of what you are hoping to achieve and formulate a plan to carry it out.



This is more than just lines on blueprints; every word matters. This is what holds the audience in until the very end. You have a story to be told - And our purpose is to make sure it’s heard. 



We get the first taste of the visual direction through storyboard art. We’ll organize all the ideas in an illustration sequence of the plot for pre-visualizing of the video. 



Have Questions? We’re Here To Help.

  • What is the video concept & creative development phase?

    The video concept and development stage is crucial. Conceptualizing creative topic ideas serves as the foundation for creating an enthralling video and is integral in ensuring that your vision manifests in a compelling visual manner

  • Is the video concept & creative development necessary?

    Undoubtedly. Developing a suitable creative video concept recognizes your unique story and explores the best way to tell it. 

  • What are the key steps in developing a creative video?

    First, we’ll become acquainted with you and your brand to recognize your unique vision and marketing objectives. We’ll then integrate these insights with our creative team to foster a powerful video concept that will accomplish your goals and connect with your audience.

  • How does Ajax Creative conceive the video concept & creative development?

    Namely, through communication and creativity. Together we’ll establish your particular goals and identify any key messages you wish to convey. We’ll assess your competition to determine the most appropriate direction for your video and based on your unique audience and tenor, conceive several creative video topic ideas. Through an extensive review, we’ll then finalize the most appropriate concept for your video.

  • Does my corporate video need to be a creative video?

    Communicating your company’s values, culture, and services eloquently promise a greater relationship with your audience. These novel and unique approaches characteristic of a creative video concept will allow you to identify with your audience, and them with you.

  • How does Ajax Creative create entertaining corporate videos?

    From our own company’s conception, we’ve always maintained that corporate and creativity are not mutually exclusive. We believe in integrating company values, services, and products with a creative and artistic approach for the most effective way to connect with your audience – through a creative and amusing video.

  • How long should my video be?

    There’s no specific length constituting a great video. Our creative team will help you determine the best timeframe for your video based on your particular marketing goals and target audience, and depending on the video concept.

  • How do I determine an appropriate video concept?

    An appropriate video concept will align with your goals and appeal to your audience in an effective and striking manner. We’ll work together to discern the best video topic idea that successfully attains your goals and interest.

  • What is considered a good video topic idea?

      We believe in challenging the status quo. A great video topic idea will support your vision and goals while converging innovation with caliber to enthrall your audience.

  • Do I need a key message in my creative video?

     A great video leaves its audience holding onto something even after it fades to black. The key messages attributed to videos are essentially the takeaway – they communicate a clear purpose or meaning and will connect your audience with you.

  • Does Ajax Creative determine my video concept?

    We believe in communication and collaboration. Whether you’re hesitant about where to begin or overwhelmed by a myriad of potential video topic ideas, we’re here to ensure the most appropriate concept for your video through a creative process of conceptualization, development, and implementation. 

  • What if I already have a video topic idea or concept?

    We’re here to realize your goals. If you have a video concept or topic already, share it with us, and together we can explore how to turn your vision into a compelling video.


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