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Brand Videos, Animation Videos & more.




Our Core Services

These are the services our clients ask for most, but it's not all we do. Whatever type of video you need, we can bring it to life. 

Brand Videos

Tell Your Unique Story in a Brand Video.

Brand videos are your first handshake. They're meant to introduce your brand to your audience while revealing your (or your company's) unique personality. They tell your brand’s story, express your core values, and help convince viewers that your brand is unique and valuable. 

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Corporate Videos

Showcase your company with a corporate video. 

Corporate videos help your viewers understand exactly why your company is different. They open the doors to your business, giving your customers a better idea of your values, mission, team members, and culture. They also get you more traffic, increase engagement, improve brand awareness, and provide a better ROI than other content types.


Explainer Videos

Have the perfect pitch on hand at all times with an explainer video 

Explainer videos are short, animated videos used to explain services or products in an engaging and easy to understand way. They can include helpful tips, walk viewers through steps, or teach them how to solve a difficult problem.

We Also Offer

Animation Videos

Bring any concept to life with animated video

Animation videos are a rich and engaging way to tell your story and make your key points pop. Animated videos cut through the digital noise and allow you to bring any concept to life, even the most abstract ideas. They also have the ability to simplify what might be considered a complex topic or idea. 

Types of animation videos include motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, and stop-motion.


Ajax Creative Animation Videos

Product Videos

Make your product stand out on the shelf with a product video

Product videos are 4X more likely to be watched than read about in text. They allow you to communicate the benefits and uses of your product in an entertaining and compelling way. This creates a better lasting impression in the viewers mind, and leaves the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

Product videos shouldn’t be hard sales pitches, instead, they should guide the viewer towards purchasing your product. They’re like having an in-store sales person that's available 24/7.



Testimonial Videos

Capture your happy clients with a testimonial video.

Testimonial videos give your potential clients the ability to see actual clients share their real opinions about your company’s products or services. Client testimonials give viewers the opportunity to hear from someone who isn’t connected to the brand, which helps build credibility and trust in your business, increasing referrals and strengthening your overall reputation. 


Commercial Videos

Captivate your audience with a commercial.

Commercial video production is an ideal way to promote your product, service, or brand with a larger audience. Commercials are shared with a broader audience on TV or online and tend to be backed by media spend with the goal of building awareness, acquiring new leads, and increasing conversions.


Drone Videos

Make your footage fly with drone video

Drone videos are an extremely popular way to capture your audience's attention, giving them a totally new perspective with stunning aerial footage. Drone videos are ideal for any industry that would benefit from aerial footage, including realtors, property developers, events, tourism, and more. 


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