make the world more interesting.

Ajax was founded by people believing in grabbing life by the horn.

Taking calculated risks is more important than simply going through the motions. We’ve come together to create a creative company to fight against mediocrity and dullness in the motion picture industry. We are here to infuse creative and youthful energy into every single scene both on screen and behind the scenes.

Our Mission


Cold, emotionless videos will be eradicated and trampled upon as if they never existed. People will feel as if they are part of something worthwhile. As do we. We will create emotional compellment, moving people to action as they are fuelled by the feelings we instilled. We create moving”images for humans.

We want to move people with epic scenes and beautiful moments. We are not afraid to feel afraid; overcoming fear is the only way to truly be brave. We want to inspire others to embrace their deepest and most primal gut feelings, to push them toward the greatness within.

What we believe in...


Be bold enough to declare what you want and brave enough to go out there and get it. Being brave is the commitment to pursue the set goal while taking calculated risks. Sooner or later we will be feasting on the fruits of bravery.


We don’t believe in mediocrity, at Ajax, creativity reigns supreme. We are judged by the quality of our work. Good enough is not acceptable and non-negotiable. Creativity comes when different ideas merge together creating a brand new one. We celebrate selflessness when it comes to creativity, we’ll nurture it together as a unified troop. May the best idea always win.


We are defiant to sitting idle in complacency. We are measured by what we do, that is the actions we take to achieve our goals. We are young, hungry, and audacious enough to compete with giants, therefore we must act like giants. Only with strong and decisive action, we can achieve giant results.


This is the sword we yield to carve and shape our work. Unexpected creativity and breakthroughs happen at the intersection where talent and bravery meet. We dare you to show up every day. We dare you to display what you can truly do. We thrive on each of our unique abilities, especially the skills it takes to make greatness happen. If you don’t have any real talent now, make sure you acquire some before anybody finds out.


This our sheer willpower to see things through to the end. We are responsible for the greatness of the whole, however, we are all accountable to each other and to ourselves individually. Keep up with us, even when it gets tough. Remember, we are going places together. We are going to find a way.


Trust is the glue that binds the bold and the brave together. It’s the guarantee that we follow up with our promises. Our reputation depends on our ability to stay true to our word, ourselves, and our clients. What you see is what you get, always. To the best of our abilities, what we say and what we do are joint at the hip like the soldier and it's a weapon. Trust is given but to keep it, it must be earned with consistent results, with a commitment to take a calculated risk and always take swift action.

We Swear To Defend

Veterans & First Responders

Some missions are morally more important to us than just getting the job done right. As the crusade gets tough, we get tougher and that’s when our true character is defined. Unlike mercenaries, We are soldiers with the conscious to fight for the greater good. We believe in fighting for the rights of Veterans and First Responders who have fought the good fight for us all. In their prime years, these courageous souls have stood up for the well being of the collective good while putting their own individual needs aside. These are the warriors and soldiers that came before us and they are a constant reminders of what it means to be brave enough to do right thing when everything is at stake. We must continue fight for them and with them.

We Swear To Defend

The Environment

We believe in the sustaining the environment that sustains us. That fragile blue rock where all of our reality takes place. We ferociously defend this territory by working with brands and companies who have and are creating the solutions to the mistreatment of our home. These organizations are great at the technical aspects of saving the planet and we provide our ability and tools to bring these solutions to the awareness of the public. Together we will manifest change and influence to make an actual difference.


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