Experience a bombardment of emotions with our originals.

Laugh or Cry, you will be moved.

Our originals are a captivating tool that captures and holds onto the audience's emotions in a uniquely relatable way that other platforms can’t. The goal of our originals is to bring a story to life and immerse viewers right into the mix. That's why we believe the only way to do an original film justice is to make it epic. Scene by scene, line by line, and full of awe.

Who's Your Enemy

It’s the aftermath of a WWI battle and two enemies, a Brit and German, run into each other in the middle of a trench. The two are challenged with maintaining their humanity when death is staring at them from the end of their rifles.

Wings of Hope

A lost messenger explores a post-apocalyptic world bearing the fate of humanity.

Lonely Shadows

Our first full CGI short film for an NFT brand called the Lonely Shadows. It is an inspiring adventure story about a boy and his shadow and how he deals with the challenges that life can bring

Where Is The Light?

We are facing uncertain times right now, and it can be scary. It almost seems as if life has stopped. But there is a light, we just have to look for it. This short film was created by Ajax Creative to bring a little bit of hope to our community during this troubling time.


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