Project: Back To Juno

How Does Air Canada
Remember Our Heroes?

The Story of Harry Greenwood

Watch signalman Henry Greenwood as he returns to the shores where he, and more than 14,000 other Canadians, bravely fought for our freedom over 75 years ago.

The Approach

What emotion that must be felt?
What is the pacing speed and rhythm of action?
How does it look and feel like?
What is in the shot and how must it be seen?
How are we bridging the scenes together?
What's the temperature and color palette?
What does it sound like?
"What I want to see one day, is a mother who will look out her kitchen window and see children of all races, all colours and all creeds hoping and playing in a large screen meadow."

VFX for Back to Juno

When preparing the plan for visual effects, our team had the difficult task of trying to put ourselves in the shoes of those who fought on D-Day 75 years ago.

VFX Breakdown

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