Guide Dogs Belong Everywhere

CNIB-1-60sec-EN MASTER(1)


Project Synopsis

CNIB partnered with Ajax Creative to increase the awareness about Guide Dogs and the laws in Canada. Guide dogs and their handlers are allowed access to any premises to which the public would normally have access. Inspired by a true story of one of CNIB's very own members, we were able to showcase the unlawful actions many Guide Dogs and their handler's face, through 2D animation. 


Client  - CNIB
Release Date
- 10/01/2020
Location - Ottawa, Canada
Type of Video - Animation Video

Purpose - Brand Awareness
Distribution Channels - Television & Social Media 

Services Used

Concept & Creative Development

- Video Campaign Development

- Script Writing



- Project management

- Storyboarding

- Scheduling

- Client Communication


- Editing

- Compositing



- Illustration

- Storyboarding

- 2D Animation

Music & Sound Design

- Musical Score

- Sound FX

- Voice Over

- Sound Recording

- Mixing & Mastering

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