Project Synopsis

Close friends, good food, cold beer and football… what more could you want on game day? 

It was easy for us to capture the excitement at KingTaps, Toronto’s Craft Beer & Pizza Restaurant, during their Superbowl LIV event.

Join the crowd at KingTaps for a touchdown of a party in this event marketing video for their Superbowl LIV event!


Client  - KingTaps
Release Date
- 14/02/2020
Location - Toronto, Canada
Type of Video - Commercial Video & Event Video

Purpose - Brand Awareness 
Distribution Channels - Social Media
Camera Used - RED EPIC Cinema & Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k

Services Used


- Project management

- Storyboarding

- Scheduling

- Client Communication

Live-Action Production

- Single-Camera Shoot

- Professional Video and Lighting Equipment




- Editing

- Colour Grading

- Compositing

- Rendering / Exporting



- Motion Design / Motion Graphics

- Signature Outro Logo Animation

Music & Sound Design

- Musical Score

- Sound FX

- Sound Recording

- Mixing & Mastering

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