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Our Chicago post-production company was founded by humans who believe in grabbing life by the horns. We’re not afraid to feel afraid and want to inspire that bravery in our clients. We’re different from other top Chicago post-production companies because we believe impactful videos need to be more than just beautiful; they need to be brave, bold, and infused with creative energy.

With the support of our post-production services, brands and agencies can deliver video campaigns and branded content that move audiences and inspire action.

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Music & Sound

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Colour Grading
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Featured Chicago Post Production Project

International Trucks

Thumbnail - International Trucks
In the heart of Chicago's vibrant post-production scene, Ajax Creative boldly creates  "Bringing It All Together," our collaboration with International Trucks. This project showcases our ability to seamlessly manage every aspect of the production pipeline for the agency, including original music composition, visual effects, and coloring, demonstrating not only our skill but our comprehensive approach to storytelling.
Journeying through the vast deserts of Nevada and the bustling streets of Los Angeles, we’ve woven the sheer power and endurance of International Trucks into a narrative that’s as compelling as it is visually stunning.
"Bringing It All Together" epitomizes Ajax Creative's mastery in seamlessly integrating the raw power of International Trucks with cinematic storytelling to redefine industry standards for creativity managing clients pipelines, including original music composition, video editing, and visual effects. 
International Trucks Storyboard
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Featured Chicago Post Production Project


Thumbnail - Entrust Secure

Ajax Creative, at the forefront of Chicago's post-production scene, proudly presents "Secure Customer Interaction" for Entrust. This ambitious project transports viewers into the future, where interactions between citizens and government are seamlessly facilitated through smartphones, echoing Entrust’s commitment to "securing a world in motion."

Our narrative journey melds trust with cutting-edge technology, portraying a digital marvel that reshapes the way we access government services. As Chicago's premier post-production company, Ajax Creative excels in transforming complex technological concepts into engaging, visual stories. "Secure Customer Interaction" stands as a bold declaration of our expertise, highlighting our passion for storytelling that bridges the gap between innovation and security, and underscoring our role as trailblazers in the Chicago post-production industry.

Entrust Secure BTS (20)
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Featured Chicago Post Production Project

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities - Post Production Thumbnail
"Strength in Unity" unfolds the heartfelt journey of Ryann, facing leukemia with resilience, supported by the compassion of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Directed by Martin Marko, this documentary is a testament to the strength found in unity, weaving a narrative that captures the essence of family, community, and overcoming adversity. Our film color grading team in Chicago employed a thoughtful use of color to deepen the narrative impact, with warm orange hues highlighting moments of joy and solidarity, while cooler blues convey the challenges and sadness of undergoing treatments.
Navigating the emotional depth of Ryann's story, our Chicago video post-production team faced challenges in striking a balance between portraying raw emotion and fostering hope. Through dedication and a passion for storytelling, we successfully brought to life a visual narrative that not only highlights the invaluable support from RMHC but also emphasizes the collective power of compassion and resilience.
Leveraging our expertise in Chicago video editing services, this project underscores our commitment to impactful storytelling. It’s about connecting on a human level, sharing stories that matter, and demonstrating the significant role of post-production companies in Chicago in bringing these narratives to life. Through "Strength in Unity," we aimed to inspire, unite, and make a tangible difference, embodying the spirit of a community that stands stronger together.
Ronald McDonald House Charities - Post Production Services Thumbnail
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Featured Chicago Post Production Project


Thumbnail - IC Bus

Ajax Creative redefines the boundaries of post-production in Chicago with "Every Step of The Way," a collaboration that marries the intricate design process of IC Bus with the tangible experiences of everyday users. Our work showcases the power of match cuts to create a seamless narrative, bridging gaps between engineering brilliance and the human element.

As pioneers in Chicago's post-production industry, Ajax Creative's daring vision and unmatched skill set the standard for excellence. "Every Step of The Way" is a bold affirmation of our leadership and creativity, underscoring our dedication to pushing creative limits in post-production services.

Motion Graphics for IC Bus
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Chicago Post Production Process

Boldness in balance

Our unique post-production process is larger than the sum of its parts. By blending visuals, sound and emotion, we create moving films that mean something more.

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Emotional investment drives action. We make audiences feel something by identifying what emotion we need to capture to inspire the right action and concocting the perfect story to rouse it.

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Framing & Transitions

Each scene plays its part in telling a story, but the framing and transitions themselves are part of the narrative. We keep the audience engaged by being intentional about what they’re allowed to see and when. Everything on screen has its purpose; nothing your audience sees is an accident.

Ellipse 20-min

Look + mood

We paint audiences a picture, amplifying the feeling we want them to experience in each scene. Through camera movement, aesthetics, casting and colouring, we can inspire excitement or instill a sense of calm.

Ellipse 18-min


Pacing is like a roller coaster. The story twists right and then left again. It slows down, down, down, and then picks up when you least expect it. Through scripts full of unique storylines and engaging character work, we build emotional connections that inspire commitment.

Ellipse 19-min


Your beautiful visuals are elevated with sound effects, voice nuances, natural sounds and an impactful music score chosen for the feeling it generates. Every sound is intentional, creating an immersive new world for audiences to explore.

Chicago Post Production Team

Meet Your Team

Headshot - Jared Galley (2)-2 Jared Galley
Executive Director
Headshot - Jared Floyd Jared Floyd
Executive Producer
Headshot - Lilly Nesbitt-1 Lilly Nesbitt
Post Producer
Headshot - Matt Day Matthew Day
Project Manager
Headshot - Shella. Lambino-1 Shella Lambino
Finance Coordinator

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Post-Production Questions?

Do you have a question about our process? Looking for a post-production company in Chicago? Curious about what brave ideas we have for your project? Get in touch or check out our FAQ below.

show answer How do we accommodate tight timelines for post-production work?

At Ajax Creative, we understand that some projects come with tight deadlines that require quick turnarounds without compromising quality. Our team is equipped to handle fast-paced projects thanks to our efficient workflow, advanced planning techniques, and the dedication of our experienced professionals. We utilize real-time collaboration tools and flexible work schedules to accelerate the post-production process, ensuring that even the most urgent projects receive the meticulous attention and high-end finish they deserve. Whether it's for a last-minute campaign launch or an unforeseen rush job, our post-production studio is committed to delivering exceptional results within your required timeframe, proving that speed and quality can indeed go hand in hand in post-production.

show answer How does Ajax Creative's post-production process enhance emotional storytelling?

At Ajax Creative, we believe that the heart of a powerful video lies in its ability to evoke emotions and connect with audiences on a deep level. Our Chicago post-production process is specially designed to enhance emotional storytelling, starting with a thorough understanding of what our clients aim for their audience to feel. Through strategic narrative structuring, choice of music, color grading, and the nuanced use of visual effects, we craft each scene to resonate emotionally with viewers. This meticulous attention to the emotional arc of the story ensures that the final product not only aligns with our clients' vision but also strikes the desired chord with audiences, making every piece memorable and impactful. By prioritizing emotional storytelling, we help turn your message into an experience, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

show answer What post-production capabilities do we offer in Chicago?

At Ajax Creative, our offerings include offline editing, color grading, sound design, visual effects, and online editing, all tailored to elevate your story and captivate your audience.

show answer What makes Ajax Creative the preferred Chicago post-production studio for high-budget marketing campaigns?

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and client collaboration sets us apart as the preferred Chicago post-production studio for high-budget campaigns. Ajax Creative not only brings technical expertise and creative vision but also a deep understanding of marketing strategies, ensuring our post-production services align perfectly with your campaign goals.

show answer What distinguishes our post-production services for high-budget video projects?

Ajax Creative offers unparalleled post-production excellence. We specialize in elevating high-budget video projects in Chicago through cutting-edge technology, highly skilled talent, and creative innovation. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions, including advanced color grading, sophisticated visual effects, and immersive sound design, ensuring each project surpasses industry standards and client expectations.

show answer How does Ajax Creative ensure a seamless post-production workflow for complex projects in Chicago?

Our seamless workflow integrates state-of-the-art project management tools with a personalized approach. We assign a dedicated post producer to oversee each phase, from initial consultation through final delivery, ensuring timely communication, efficient resource allocation, and adherence to high-end stringent quality and timeline requirements.

show answer Can Ajax Creative handle the specific post-production needs of luxury brand videos?

Absolutely. Ajax Creative excels in crafting visually stunning, emotionally compelling luxury brand videos. Our expertise in nuanced storytelling, coupled with our ability to enhance brand aesthetics through sophisticated editing and color correction, makes us the ideal partner for luxury brands looking to make a lasting impact.

show answer What advanced post-production technologies does Ajax Creative utilize?

Ajax Creative stays at the forefront of post-production technology, harnessing the power of industry-leading tools to bring unparalleled quality to each project. For editing and color grading, we typically use DaVinci Resolve, renowned for its sophisticated color correction and professional editing capabilities. When it comes to visual effects, our toolkit includes high-end software such as Houdini, Nuke, After effects and Unreal Engine for example, which enables us to integrate real-time rendering for stunning visuals. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we ensure our clients' projects are not only cutting-edge in terms of visual quality but also creatively boundless, delivering impactful and visually compelling narratives every time.

show answer How does Ajax Creative approach color grading for premium branded video content?

Our color grading process is both an art and a science, tailored to amplify the emotional impact and visual appeal of each scene. Using industry-leading software, our colorists work closely with clients & director to achieve the perfect aesthetic, whether it’s to evoke a specific mood, enhance brand identity, or ensure consistency across a campaign.

show answer What post-production services does Ajax Creative offer to enhance storytelling?

Beyond technical excellence, Ajax Creative offers a suite of services designed to enhance storytelling, including script editing, narrative structuring, and the integration of visual effects and motion graphics. Our editorial team excels in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences, driving engagement and emotional connection.

show answer How does Ajax Creative manage confidentiality and security during the post-production process?

Understanding the importance of confidentiality for our clients, Ajax Creative employs strict security protocols, including encrypted data transfer, secure storage solutions, and restricted access controls. We are committed to providing the utmost privacy and protection for all project materials from start to finish.

show answer How can clients be involved in the post-production process with Ajax Creative?

Client involvement is key to our process. We offer regular review sessions, progress updates, and collaborative discussions at every step of the post-production phase. This ensures that our work aligns with your vision and that adjustments can be made efficiently to meet your exact standards and timelines.