Live Action Production



Crafting cinema and communicating, the human experience through live-action production.





Directing the overall vision of the shoot, our video director is the creative force behind the making of your project. 



Our Director is a key creative force that unites artistic and technical components of film to fulfil the vision and support your narrative.


Director of Photography

The DP or cinematographer guides the emotional and visual properties of a video to create a particular look or feeling. Through the camera, our skilled DP will shape your video's aesthetic and engender the director's vision. 


Professional Video Equipment

We operate state of the art equipment to create videos with visual and audible distinction. With our RED Digital Cinema camera, your video merits styles and quality particular of cinema.


Production Assistant

Live-action production involves many tasks and responsibilities. Our team is equipped to assemble the cast, crew, and set throughout production to ensure your video develops proficiently.


Lighting Management

Lighting is powerful. We manipulate natural and artificial lighting sources that wield spectacular visuals and ultimately form a stunning final picture.


Sound Operation

Audible components of a film profoundly influence affective processing. We assemble and operate proficient equipment to capture and produce ample sound that strikes your audience.


Focus Puller

Focus anchors our attention. The focus puller is essentially the camera's eye. They maintain its lens' optical focus and direct your audience's attention, accordingly. 


Set Design & Art Direction

Aptly staging a set can dramatically influence the style and tone of a video. Our Set Designer and Art Director master the artistic and aesthetic components of production to create compelling visuals that elicit affective reactions.


Have Questions? We’re Here To Help.

  • What is live-action video production?

    Live-action production comprises videos that reveal real-life experiences or products through the use of real human actors and settings, unlike animation. In essence, live-action videos incorporate real human beings in real-life settings.

  • Why is a live-action video right for my business?

    Live-action is effective in communicating human experiences. This approach can help you connect with your audience by revealing a tangible product, facility or share real stories and convey genuine emotion.

  • How much does video production cost?

    We’ll assess the scope of your project and the resources necessary for live-action production. By communicating openly with us about the specificities and outlook of your video, we’ll discern a fair and accurate quote that meets your goals.

  • Will I be involved in the video production process at all?

    Always. Your involvement is integral to ensure your goals are realized. We’ll seek your approval in tandem as we proceed throughout the entire production process from video conception to dissemination.

  • What does a typical video production process look like?

    With an extensive kick-off call, we’ll identify your specific goals and vision. At pre-production, we’ll establish the video concept, scripting, casting, and present you with a storyboard. At full-scale production, we’ll shoot your video until everything assembles at post-production. Following any final tweaks or edits, your video is ready to be received by your audience.

  • How long does a typical live-action video production take to complete?

    Collectively, 6-7 weeks with pre-production comprising roughly 2-3 weeks of thorough planning and conceptualization to ensure a smooth and successful video production.

  • How large is the team on set for a live-action video?

    The crew size depends on the size of production - we might have as few as 3 crew members to upwards of 10 or more. Typically our production triad is always on set comprising our Executive Production, Video Director and Director of Photography, respectively.

  • Is a live-action video the same as a “how-to” video?

    A “how-to” video is a screencast video – which is a type of live-action video. This is where you demonstrate the navigation or use of software or platform with ease. Similarly, explainer videos explain or display the benefits attributed to a product or service in a targeted manner.

  • Wait, is a testimonial video also a live-action video?

    A testimonial video is definitely a type of live-action video. This is where customers and clients relay their favourable experiences with your brand or service so as to reflect a sense of assurance or trust among other prospective customers.

  • Can I combine live-action with animation?

    Yes! In fact, live-action and animation often complements explainer videos (those short online marketing videos that describe particular services or products) and we’re here to provide you with the most effective videos and media to achieve your goals.

  • Do I need access to a studio to produce a live-action video?

    Not necessarily. Depending on the nature of your video and the story being told a live-action video can be shot almost anywhere. As such, our team thoroughly sources and secures optimal locations to bring your video to life.  

  • What are some advantages of live-action videos?

    We are social beings. Our ability to connect with other people transcends the boundaries of a screen and the unique emotional aspect characteristic of live-action videos makes connecting with your audience seemingly primitive and unavoidably evocative.


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