A symphony of texture and pattern - post-production is where your video comes together with distinction.





Through and assemblage of both visual and audible elements of raw footage and appropriately incorporated effects, our editors arrange your video with tact to support your narrative and vision.


Colour Grading 

An image's colours are essential in creating their meaning and value. With an eye for harmonious blends and hues, our editors create a cohesive and textured vividness to enhance your video and inspire you audience with awe. 



A technique that combines visual elements of live-action and computer-generated images with aded layers or adjustments to create a final cohesive image. With precision, our compositors produce an amalgamation that transcends the impossible.


Described Audio & Closed Captioning 

Your story deserves to be told and experiences by everyone. Through on-screen text or narration tracks, described audio and closed captioning can widen your video's reach and gratify all audiences.



Rendering is a process enabled by computer software that allows us to control the quality of an image with precision and finesse. We'll create realistic graphics that display complex and textured visuals. 



The final piece of the puzzle. Once production us complete, your video convenes onto a single file ready to be shared with you and your audience, respectively. 

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  • What is post-production?

    Post-production is an instrumental stage in film production where the visual and audio elements of a film converge with finesse into a cohesive and enthralling video.

  • What are your post-production services?

    Our post-production services include digital editing, securing music and sound design, retouching, compositing, colour grading, audio recordings, and voiceover production.

  • Is Ajax Creative a post-production company?

    We undertake each stage in video production including post-production in-house. Through meticulous video editing and refining, we’ll craft your video with high regard and esteem.

  • What is the difference between production and post-production?

    Production entails the actual filming process whereas post-production is the revision and editing of visual and audible media with elements of sound and video, respectively. This is where your video fittingly comes together.

  • How long is post-production?

    Post-production typically takes 2-3 weeks. It depends on the size of your project and we always provide you with the first draft for your feedback and inquire about any ensuing changes you wish to make.

  • What is colour grading and does my video need this?

    Colour grading is a technical yet creative process that drastically changes the overall appearance of your video. Altering hues and saturation can highlight certain visual elements of your video, maintain continuity, and influence the atmosphere and emotional qualities, respectively.

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