Now that we know what we’re cooking with, it’s all about putting the recipe together.




Project Management 

Our project manager will be working with you to make sure you have a clear project plan that will include a timeline of each stage of the project.


Account Management

From the initial Kick-off call, to the final delivery of your video, our Account Manager is keeping you up to date on the progress of your project every step of the way.



Here is where we iron out the wrinkles in our ideas - where our visions are put onto paper - and where your goals and our creativity mesh. With our team, we sketch out how your video will unfold, shot by shot, from beginning to end.  



 Timing is everything once the cameras are rolling.  We create detailed itineraries for you on what to expect at every moment.


Art Illustration Frames

Curious to know what your video will look like? Before the production, this will be as close to the final product as we can get. We’ll take key frames from the storyboard and create a full illustration of the sketch to give you a vivid preview of how the scene can be visually represented. 



 From cast to crew, no production is possible without the people in front and behind the camera. Our Casting Director works closely with our director & producer to make sure we vet through top talent and provide the right actor for the role.


Location Scouting

Locations are one of the most important aspects of pre-production. This is where we create our world. We set out to make sure we found the perfect scenery for your video.



Have Questions? We’re Here To Help.

  • What is storyboarding?

    A storyboard is an illustrative sequence with drawings that provide insight into the direction and composition of your video – it’s a map of each scene that lets you envision your video. As part of our pre-production phase, we’ll provide you with this outlook to ensure your narrative unfolds smoothly.

  • What are the steps in a pre-production process?

    This phase encompasses extensive planning, organization, and coordination across an array of production elements from conceptualizing your video, establishing a budget, finalizing a script, securing locations, cast and crew, and scheduling shooting dates.

  • What is a shot list?

    A shot list is a structured arrangement of the various shots we want to obtain for your video. This promotes efficient production when filming and rhythmic scenes that will assemble into a compelling video.

  • Is pre-production the same as planning?

    Pre-production is basically synonymous with planning. This organizational process involves plenty of forethought and critical strategizing to ensure that our crew and you know exactly what’s going on throughout the entire video production. 

  • What about location scouting?

    Establishing the right location to shoot a video is a key element of the pre-production process. We’ll rigorously source, scout, and secure the best site for your video to realize your vision.

  • Will I receive a production schedule?

    We’ll definitely provide you with a detailed itinerary. We want to work in tandem with you as your video comes to life and a timetable will facilitate production and guarantee efficient production.

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