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Welcome to the immense power of sound in storytelling.




Musical Score

Music is a powerful accessory. We'll integrate appropriate melodies and tracks that complement the individual nuances particular to each scene and create a stirring experience of your video. 


Sound FX 

Sound effects heighten the expressive capability of your video. With artificially reproduced sounds, we'll add an extra layer of realism to your video and immerse your audience into every scene.


Sound Recording 

We'll capture and reproduce elements of sound that create a convincing and magnified experience of your video. 


Mixing & Mastering 

We'll adjust and combine individual tracks together and sequentially process each audible element to polish a cohesive assembly of sound. Collectively, these components shape a majestic final form and complement the visual properties of your video.

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  • What is Sound Design?

    Sound design comprises various audio elements and techniques that are essential for creating a successfully communicative video and convey the mood or tone. This includes but is not limited to sound effects, sound mixing, dialogue, and music.

  • How will my video benefit from sound design?

    The audio elements characteristic of video work in tandem with its visual qualities to support its narrative. These elements, such as the music and dialogues inform the audience with both explicit and implicit messages, respectively, to yield a cohesive and immersed experience of the video.

  • What stage in the production process focuses on sound design?

    Many audio adjustments are made and completed at post-production, however, attention to audio elements begins at the onset of production and is maintained throughout the entire filming process. 

  • What is sound mixing?

    Sound mixing is critical. This intricate process facilitates cohesion by matching audio levels with the visuals throughout the entire video to produce a seamless integration of sounds.

  • Will someone be recording audio on set?

    Absolutely. Our skilled sound operator will always be on set recording and capturing audio to ensure seamless sounds and audio recordings. 

  • Do you operate professional sound equipment?

    We wouldn’t compromise your video with poor audio. We use equipment of a very high caliber both on set and in our sound studio to ensure pristine sound recordings and fluency.

  • Is sound design services really necessary?

    Audible elements are imperative. The synergistic effects of the audio qualities with the visuals attributed to the video create a cathartic experience unimaginable without the appropriate sound. 

  • What is SFX?

    SFX are audio effects. These sounds are not recorded as they don’t naturally occur but are artificially created and can help enhance sound and the video at large. 

  • Do I need audio effects (SFX)?

    We’ll discern if, when, and where sound effects would be beneficial to enhance any action, mood, or feeling of a scene. These audio effects will immerse your audience into your video promising a sense of realism.

  • Is music necessary for sound design?

    If and when appropriate, music is a tool that can significantly transform your video. A good score will transport your audience and influence the mood, atmosphere and overall tone of the video.

  • Is Ajax Creative an audio production company?

    We are a video production company & animation studio. As such, we avail of the audio production services and sound production processes is necessary to produce and express captivating videos.

  • Will my video need all these elements (SFX, sound mixing, music, etc.) of sound design?

    Not necessarily – sometimes less is more and applying any one of these elements depends on its beneficial value particularly to your video. What sound affords a video is relational and we’ll distinguish which elements are instrumental in creating a meaningful one.

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