Talent is the sword we yield to carve and shape our work. We dare you to show up everyday.

We thrive on each of our unique abilities, especially the skills it takes to make greatness happen.


Jared Galley

“Make it epic.”

Executive Video Director / Co-Founder

Top 3 Movies/Shows: Interstellar, Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump

I get so emotionally involved with the art of visual storytelling. I love the challenge of having the audience feel how I feel using my favorite tools, my imagination, and a camera. The camera in my opinion is a real-time machine, it transports you to old and new worlds through unforgettable adventures that you can rediscover over and over again.

Stories are a reflection of life, it can be full of happiness and also can be super dramatic. I’m always inspired to build tension like Speilberg, manipulate time like Christopher Nolan and create breathtaking worlds like Denis Villeneuve. Ajax was created to tell stories epically, making it look and feel like it is bigger than life. I find success when I can bring you deep in your thoughts, make you reflect on your reality and beliefs, relationships, and life.

Jared Floyd  I Ajax Creative

Jared Floyd

“Let's make History.”

Executive Producer/ Co-Founder

Top 3 Movies/Shows: Interstellar, The Godfather, The Dark Knight Rises

Co-Founded Ajax Creative to take over the world of all things that are motion pictures.

I’ve always wanted to shake things up since the age of 18 by founding a mobile app company, Quickily, working with brands such as Wendy’s and Sun Life Financial.

With insight into the world of marketing, I've been involved in helping local to fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, to remain steps ahead of the competition. Sometimes you have to follow your gut mixed with on-the-job experience to take on all comers, no matter the size.

Success is being able to identify opportunities, quickly form and implement the right plan of action, and adapting the strategies to stay winning.

Matthew Day I Ajax Creative

Matthew Day

“You will feel it, when you see it”

Director of Photography

Top 3 Movies/Shows: Interstellar, Drive, The Place Beyond The Pines

My favorite storyteller is ‘The Light’; it sets the emotional tone for the audience and keeps them in a state of belief creating a new reality at the moment. From the warmth of natural sunrise to the flexibility of powered lighting, I’m always inspired by the endless rainbow of possible stories and emotions I can tap into with the right lighting.

What matters most to me is everything within the frame, I pride myself in exhaustively detailing the look and feel, and planning every angle of every scene. What matters most to me is the beauty that lives within each frame. Ajax pushes me every day to make every scene as breathtaking as possible because every frame has the potential to be showcased in a museum.


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