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Our Chicago-based animation studio was founded by individuals who believe in seizing life's opportunities with courage. We embrace fear and aim to instill that same bravery in our clients. Setting ourselves apart from other leading Chicago animation studios, we believe impactful animations must transcend mere beauty; they must embody bravery, boldness, and creative energy. With the assistance of our animation services, brands and agencies can deliver video campaigns and branded content that captivate audiences and inspire action.


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Chicago Animation Studio Services


MOTION GRAPHICS SERVICE at Chicago Animation Studio Ajax Creative


2D Animation Videos  SERVICE at Chicago Animation Studio Ajax Creative


3D ANIMATION VIDEOS SERVICE at Chicago Animation Studio Ajax Creative


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Chicago Animation Studio Services

Motion Graphics

Make your brand's message move with motion graphics. Perfect for campaign videos, title sequences, and websites, our motion graphic service adds kinetic energy to your brand identity. Our motion graphics experts animate your brand elements, adding new depth while making complex narratives engaging and digestible for modern audiences. 

Chicago Animation Studio Services

2D Animation

Capture your audience's attention with engaging 2D animated videos. By blending classic animation styles with a modern approach to storytelling, we create experiences that resonate with your ideal viewer. We support a range of art styles, including vector animation, typographical designs, and hand-drawn illustrations, all tailored to communicate your brand's identity and campaign message. 

Chicago Animation Studio Services

3D Animation

Go to war with normal with 3D animated videos. From photo-realistic CGI to stylized animations, explore a range of art styles that each offer unique storytelling capabilities that we'll tailor to your unique project needs and brand identity. Work with our incredible artists and animators to craft characters and environments that draw viewers into your video and deliver unforgettable branded experiences. 

Chicago Animation Studio Services

AR Videos

Immerse your viewer in your narrative with our AR video service. Augmented reality blends reality and digital designs, opening doors to unforgettable new worlds and experiences. Wether you need an AR video for an event installation or marketing campaign, our talented artists will work with you to concept, design, and build an interactive experience capable of captivating, moving, and winning over audiences. 

Chicago Animation Studio Services

Explainer Videos

Distill Complex ideas into easy-to-follow, compelling narratives with explainer videos. From dynamic infographics to character-driven stories, we wield impactful visual techniques to craft videos that are educational yet memorable. Wether explaining a complex product offering or distilling a big concept, an expertly crafted explainer will help you connect with your audience and ensure your message is understood and remembered.

Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project


TIKTOK - Chicago Animation Studio Services

"The Bay" commercial, a visionary project by Ajax Creative for TikTok for Business, delves into the exciting collaboration between North America's most iconic brand and the dynamic world of TikTok. This animation showcases the transformative journey of The Bay as it embraces TikTok, highlighting the platform's role in revolutionizing The Bay's engagement and presence online.

As a leading Chicago Animation Company, Ajax Creative leverages bold creativity and innovative storytelling to illustrate how TikTok for Business becomes a catalyst for The Bay's digital evolution. This project is a testament to our prowess in capturing the essence of brand transformation through animation, firmly establishing Ajax Creative as a beacon of excellence in the Chicago animation landscape. "The Bay" not only emphasizes our skill in creating engaging commercial content but also reinforces our commitment to being at the forefront of animation, driving forward with bravery and innovation.

TIKTOK - Chicago Animation Studio Services
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Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project


REMX - Featured Chicago Animation Project

"Genesis Launch," a cutting-edge 3D product video crafted by Ajax Creative for Remx, marks the debut of the highly anticipated Genesis token. This animation project masterfully encapsulates the innovation and potential of Remx's Genesis token, guiding viewers through a visually stunning journey into the future of digital currency.

As Chicago's premier Animation Company, Ajax Creative brings to life the essence of the Genesis token with bold artistry and advanced 3D animation techniques. This project is a showcase of our ability to blend creative vision with technical expertise, highlighting the transformative power of the Genesis token. "Genesis Launch" underscores Ajax Creative's role as a trailblazer in the Chicago animation industry, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of animation and storytelling. Through this collaboration with Remx, we affirm our dedication to excellence, innovation, and the bold realization of our clients' visions.

REMX - Featured Chicago Animation Project
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Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project


RAMP Featured Chicago Animation Project

"Shopify Customer Testimonial" for Ramp, crafted by Ajax Creative, showcases our expertise as a leading Chicago Animation Company in depicting transformative business solutions. Through this animated journey, we highlight Ramp's significant impact on Shopify's finance department, narrating the story of innovation and positive change.

Ajax Creative, at the heart of Chicago's animation sector, leverages this project to demonstrate our prowess in creating compelling, story-driven animations that capture the essence of business transformation. This endeavor not only solidifies our position as a premier Chicago Animation Company but also underscores our commitment to delivering bold, innovative narratives that resonate with audiences and bring client visions to life. Through "Shopify Customer Testimonial," we affirm our dedication to excellence and innovation in animation, marking our trailblazing spirit in the industry.

RAMP - Featured Chicago Animation Project
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Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project


TRAINFO - Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project

"Road Crossings," an innovative project developed by Ajax Creative for Trainfo, introduces the pioneering solution to integrate predictive rail crossing information into call-taking and dispatch processes. This animation brings to life the groundbreaking capability of foreseeing rail crossing blockages, their duration, and their impact on routes, revolutionizing how dispatch decisions are made to avoid delays.

As a top Chicago Animation Company, Ajax Creative skillfully visualizes Trainfo's transformative approach, combining detailed animation with compelling storytelling to highlight this unprecedented technology. This project showcases our commitment to merging creativity with technology, positioning Ajax Creative as a leader in the animation field. "Road Crossings" is a testament to our dedication to pushing the limits of animation to illustrate complex solutions in an engaging and understandable way, reinforcing our standing as innovators in the Chicago animation industry.

Featured Chicago Animation Studio Project
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Chicago Animation Studio Process

Boldness in balance

Our unique animation process is larger than the sum of its parts. By blending visuals, sound and emotion, we create moving films that mean something more.

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Emotional investment drives action. We make audiences feel something by identifying what emotion we need to capture to inspire the right action and concocting the perfect story to rouse it.

Ellipse 22-min

Framing & Transitions

Each scene plays its part in telling a story, but the framing and transitions themselves are part of the narrative. We keep the audience engaged by being intentional about what they’re allowed to see and when. Everything on screen has its purpose; nothing your audience sees is an accident.

Ellipse 20-min

Look + mood

We paint audiences a picture, amplifying the feeling we want them to experience in each scene. Through camera movement, aesthetics, casting and colouring, we can inspire excitement or instill a sense of calm.

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Pacing is like a roller coaster. The story twists right and then left again. It slows down, down, down, and then picks up when you least expect it. Through scripts full of unique storylines and engaging character work, we build emotional connections that inspire commitment.

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Your beautiful visuals are elevated with sound effects, voice nuances, natural sounds and an impactful music score chosen for the feeling it generates. Every sound is intentional, creating an immersive new world for audiences to explore.

Chicago Animation Team Members

Meet Your Team

Headshot - Jared Galley (2)-2 Jared Galley
Executive Director
Headshot - Jared Floyd Jared Floyd
Executive Producer
Headshot - Lilly Nesbitt-1 Lilly Nesbitt
Post Producer
Headshot - Matt Day Matthew Day
Project Manager
Headshot - Shella. Lambino-1 Shella Lambino
Finance Coordinator


Creativity is the heartbeat of Ajax, an animation studio in Chicago dedicated to crafting bold, brave, and unforgettable animated video content, spanning from 2D & 3D animation videos to explainer videos. We're currently on the lookout for skilled motion graphic artists, 2D animators, 3D generalists, illustrators, and more to join our dynamic team. If you thrive on pushing boundaries and refuse to settle for 'good enough,' and if you have experience at animation studios or video production companies, we want to connect with you.
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Animation Questions?

Do you have a question about our animation process? Looking for an animation company in Chicago? Curious about what brave ideas we have for your animation project? Get in touch or check out our FAQ below.

show answer How do we accommodate tight timelines for animation work?

At Ajax Creative, we understand that some projects come with tight deadlines that require quick turnarounds without compromising quality. Our team is equipped to handle fast-paced projects thanks to our efficient workflow, advanced planning techniques, and the dedication of our experienced professionals. We utilize real-time collaboration tools and flexible work schedules to accelerate the animation process, ensuring that even the most urgent projects receive the meticulous attention and high-end finish they deserve. Whether it's for a last-minute campaign launch or an unforeseen rush job, our animation studio is committed to delivering exceptional results within your required timeframe, proving that speed and quality can indeed go hand in hand in animation.

show answer How does Ajax Creative's Chicago animation process enhance emotional storytelling?

At Ajax Creative, we believe that the heart of a powerful video lies in its ability to evoke emotions and connect with audiences on a deep level. Our Chicago animation process is specially designed to enhance emotional storytelling, starting with a thorough understanding of what our clients aim for their audience to feel. Through strategic narrative structuring, choice of music, color grading, and the nuanced use of visual effects, we craft each scene to resonate emotionally with viewers. This meticulous attention to the emotional arc of the story ensures that the final product not only aligns with our clients' vision but also strikes the desired chord with audiences, making every piece memorable and impactful. By prioritizing emotional storytelling, we help turn your message into an experience, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

show answer What animation capabilities do we offer in Chicago?

At Ajax Creative, our offerings include offline editing, color grading, sound design, visual effects, and online editing, all tailored to elevate your story and captivate your audience.

show answer What makes Ajax Creative the preferred Chicago animation studio for high-budget marketing campaigns?

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and client collaboration sets us apart as the preferred Toronto animation studio for high-budget campaigns. Ajax Creative not only brings technical expertise and creative vision but also a deep understanding of marketing strategies, ensuring our animation services align perfectly with your campaign goals.

show answer What distinguishes our animation services for high-budget video projects?

Ajax Creative offers unparalleled animation excellence. We specialize in elevating high-budget video projects in Chicago through cutting-edge technology, highly skilled talent, and creative innovation. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions, including advanced animation techniques, sophisticated visual effects, and immersive sound design, ensuring each project surpasses industry standards and client expectations.

show answer How does Ajax Creative ensure a seamless animation workflow for complex projects in Toronto?

Our seamless workflow integrates state-of-the-art project management tools with a personalized approach. We assign a dedicated animation producer to oversee each phase, from initial consultation through final delivery, ensuring timely communication, efficient resource allocation, and adherence to stringent quality and timeline requirements.

show answer Can Ajax Creative handle the specific animation needs of luxury brand videos?

Absolutely. Ajax Creative excels in crafting visually stunning, emotionally compelling luxury brand animations. Our expertise in nuanced storytelling, coupled with our ability to enhance brand aesthetics through sophisticated animation techniques and color grading, makes us the ideal partner for luxury brands looking to make a lasting impact.

show answer What advanced animation technologies does Ajax Creative utilize?

Ajax Creative stays at the forefront of animation technology, harnessing the power of industry-leading tools to bring unparalleled quality to each project. For animation and color grading, we typically use software like Blender and Adobe After Effects, renowned for their sophisticated animation and editing capabilities. When it comes to visual effects, our toolkit includes high-end software such as Houdini, Nuke, and Unreal Engine, enabling us to create stunning visuals and integrate real-time rendering for immersive experiences. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we ensure our clients' projects are not only cutting-edge in terms of visual quality but also creatively boundless, delivering impactful and visually compelling narratives every time.

show answer How does Ajax Creative approach color grading for premium branded video content?

Our color grading process is both an art and a science, tailored to amplify the emotional impact and visual appeal of each scene. Using industry-leading software, our colorists work closely with clients & director to achieve the perfect aesthetic, whether it’s to evoke a specific mood, enhance brand identity, or ensure consistency across a campaign.

show answer What animation services does Ajax Creative offer to enhance storytelling?

Beyond technical excellence, Ajax Creative offers a suite of animation services designed to enhance storytelling, including script editing, narrative structuring, and the integration of visual effects and motion graphics. Our editorial team excels in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences, driving engagement and emotional connection.

show answer How does Ajax Creative manage confidentiality and security during the animation process?

Understanding the importance of confidentiality for our clients, Ajax Creative employs strict security protocols, including encrypted data transfer, secure storage solutions, and restricted access controls. We are committed to providing the utmost privacy and protection for all animation project materials from start to finish.

show answer How can clients be involved in the animation process with Ajax Creative?

Client involvement is key to our process. We offer regular review sessions, progress updates, and collaborative discussions at every step of the animation phase. This ensures that our work aligns with your vision and that adjustments can be made efficiently to meet your exact standards and timelines.