Magneto Kickstarter


Project Synopsis

Not only is the product magnetic, but the inventor is, too.  Get to know the inventor behind the innovative product, Magneto, in this Kickstarter video.

This video was created to encourage investment and build excitement for the launch of L’il Sucker’s new product, Magneto, a magnetic drink koozie that keeps your drink still and secure in a world full of motion.


Client  - L'il Sucker
Release Date
- 08/10/2019
Location - Kempville, Canada
Type of Video - Kickstarter Video

Purpose - Brand Awareness & Increase Sales
Distribution Channels - Social Media, Website, Kickstarter
Camera Used - RED EPIC Cinema, Drone

Services Used

Research & Creative Development

- Video Concept Development

- Script Writing



- Project management

- Scheduling

- Client Communication

Live-Action Production

- Multi-Camera Shoot

- Professional Video and Lighting Equipment


- Editing

- Colour Grading

- Compositing

- Rendering / Exporting


Music & Sound Design

- Musical Score

- Sound FX

- Sound Recording

- Mixing & Mastering


- 2D Animation

- 3D Animation

- Visual Effects

- Motion Design / Motion Graphics

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