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Transcend the faculty of imagination through visual effects.




VFX & Visual Effects

Visual effects are an integrated process of expression and creativity. Through VFX, we can create scenes otherwise unattainable with live-action production and produce vivid imagery to share your story. 


3D Animation

We explore the vast potential of animation through computer software where we convert real 3D objects into moveable features to bring characters - and your video - to life. 


2D Animation 

2D animation is everywhere - TV screens, movies, and billboards. Our animators breathe realism into  sequence of sketches by creating movement amid a two-dimensional space.


Motion Design / Motion Graphics 

Enabled by animation and visual effects, we can transform static content into aesthetically appealing visuals that express thoughts, data, and information. In essence, we can create a compelling infographic. 



Illustration allows us to express ourselves visually. We'll replicate concepts, thoughts, and ideas in a comprehensive manner through visual representations to guide the creative process and development of your project. 

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  • What is animation?

    Animation is a genre of film comprising a series of still drawings or sketches that are successively revealed to create the illusion of movement.

  • Is Ajax Creative an animation video production company?

    We offer diverse animation & video production services including 2D animation and 3D animation. Successful in this manipulative art form, our skilled animators can create unique animated videos that bring your vision and the unimaginable to fruition.

  • How is animation different from live-action?

    Animation offers greater flexibility than live-action, particularly amid an imaginative realm. Say your video concept involves talking bears – securing such on-screen talent presents the unlikeliest of chances, however, through our animation production services we can swiftly achieve the extraordinary.

  • What animation services do you offer?

    We offer 2D animation video production, 3D animation video production, stop motion, and motion design/motion graphics. From an explainer video to a brand video, we can provide the animation service most suitable for you.

  • What is the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation processes?

    2D animation incorporates more traditional drawing methods and caters to dimensions of length and width whereas 3D animation also accounts for height – this depth presents a more realistic visual representation, however, both are artistic processes that manifest the unimaginable.

  • Should I use 2D animation or 3D animation for my video?

    After discussing your project’s vision we can appropriately assess which method best realizes your goals. Typically, 2D animation is used for product demos and explainer videos whereas 3D animation is preferred for showcasing a product or service in an innovative and revolutionary manner.

  • Can you make an animation video in any style I like?

    Absolutely! At pre-production, we’ll present you with various stylistic frames to choose from. This will provide you with a glimpse of your video’s appearance so that you can decide whether or not you want a 2D animation or 3D animation.

  • Should I use an animated explainer video for my business?

    Animated explainer videos are practical formats for demonstrating products or training videos given their creative flexibility. They provide digestible visual experiences for your audience by presenting the complexities and nuances of a new product or training video in a comprehensive and artistic manner.

  • How long should my animated explainer video be?

    We’ll assess the appropriate duration for your distinct video but we typically aim for 60-90 seconds. This duration keeps your audience engaged and entertained throughout the entire video.

  • What services are included in your animation production cost?

    Our animation production costs include services across concept & creative development, pre-production and post-production with creative concept creation, scripting, storyboarding, style frames, animation, editing, sound design, compositing, as well as any potential visual effects and rendering.

  • Whose voice should I use in my animation video?

    We can incorporate anyone’s voice for your animation video – even your own or a colleague’s! We can also provide you with an array of voice actors to choose from based on your preference. In either case, we’ll obtain professionally recorded audio to preserve a high-class video.

  • What is VFX?

    VFX stands for visual effects. It is a process where imagery is created, manipulated, or enhanced to create realistic-looking environments. It does this by integrating manipulated sequences or visuals with live-action footage. 

  • What is VFX used for?

    Visual effects are primarily used to manifest the extraordinary and imaginative environments that simply don’t exist in the real world. They bring the unimaginable to life. 

  • What is the difference between CGI and VFX?

    CGI is computer-generated imagery. It is exactly how it sounds – a style of animation or illustration that is created digitally through computer programs. Alternatively, VFX integrates artificial imagery with actual footage by adding effects to already existing footage.

  • What do VFX and animation add to my video or film?

    Visual effects and animation transform dull or complex subject matters into a persuasive and captivating message. These processes boast riveting visual representations and emotional stimulation that invites your audience to appreciate its content and retain your video’s information, accordingly.

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